Cut dry with no dust

Brick. Pavers. Stone. Veneer.

The iQ360® Dust Control Table Saw

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Vacuum System

A powerful vacuum sucks the dust

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Filter System

Dust is captured in the cartridge filter

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Dust Containment

Dust is contained in the lower tub

The iQ360®: tested to capture up to 99.5% of the dust

  • No water – 100% dry cutting
  • Collect up to 99.5% of the dust
  • Cut right where you work, even indoors
  • Eliminate dust cleanup and problems
  • Stop breathing hazardous silica dust

The iQ360® is a game-changing tool for professionals. Cutting with no dust contractors can now save money, eliminate the mess and pain of dust problems and protect the health of their workers.

A Money-Making Tool


If you have to pay one guy $15/hour to clean up dust every day, for one hour, that adds up to $300 a month.

Wasting Time

If your guy has to walk outside or across the job site to make every cut, doing 150+ cuts a day while hauling materials, he spends an hour or more just walking back and forth, another $300+ a month.

Just using those figures – which are conservative for many contractors – that adds up to $600 per month or $7,200 a year. It can cost even more. Have you ever had to power wash a building? Pay for a customers car wash, or pay to clean their windows? Most of us have experienced at least one of these. They’re rarely cheap, never fun, and they cut straight into your profits.

Controls cost money too. Personal protective equipment, tarping off your cutting area and cutting wet all cost money, they’re all a pain and they’re marginally effective.

The iQ360® eliminates A) dust cleanup, B) wasted time, and C) the cost of marginally effective controls. This tool makes your business more profitable.
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Is Dust Costing You?

Use the iQ Power Tools cutting costs worksheet to calculate the cost of using your current saw.

Know How Much you Spend on Dust
iQ360 Cutting Indoors

Cut Right Where You Work

With the iQ360® you can cut right where you’re laying materials – even inside.

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Finish Jobs Faster

Cutting right where you work and no dust cleanup allows you to save time and finish your jobs fast.

Built Tough

The iQ360® is tough, built for professionals and designed to last. With basic maintenance – like changing the filter once a year – your iQ360® will last for years.

iQ360 Side Angle
  • 14″ Masonry Saw for Brick, Stone & Pavers
  • Fully-Integrated Dust Collection System
  • Tested to Capture 99.5% of the Dust
  • Compact & Lightweight—Easy to Transport
  • Made of Tough High-Impact Materials
  • Wide Table Design Allows for Cutting Larger Materials
  • Quick-Spin™ Filter for Easy Cleaning


WEIGHT: 65lbs
DIMENSIONS: 17″w × 20″l × 30″h
FILTER TYPE: Cartridge
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Maximize Versatility With iQ360® Accessories



  • High Position allows you to cut while standing
  • Low Position allows you to cut while crouching
  • Cut right on your scaffolding
  • Indoors, basements, living rooms, enclosed patios, even the office
  • Made of Tough High-Impact Materials
  • 10″ inch high flotation tires allow you to easily roll the iQ360™ around the job site
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  • Easily roll materials through your cuts
  • Quick install and removal
  • Rubber cutting surface
  • Precision roller guides
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iQ360 QuickSpin Filter

Increase Your Quality

Picture this: your guy laying materials 50 feet from the saw. He walks back hauling his cut material and finds his cut was off by 1/4″. At 4:00 PM after working all day there’s a chance he’s just going to lay it there rather than walk all the way back to fix his cut.

Clean-cutting right where you work with the iQ360® it’s a quick fix without another trip to the saw. Over the course of an entire job that makes a quality impact.

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QuickSpin™ Easy Filter Cleaning

Turn the handle to clean the filter. This turns an agitator knocking the dust off the filter into the dust bin. This filter lasts for one year.

iQ360 Dust Control Table Saw on Scaffolding

Market You Business

Use the iQ360® as a competitive advantage to earn more business, and start saying this to your prospective customers:

“We use iQ Power Tools, which means dust will be a non-issue on this job. We won’t be blowing dust all over the job site, we won’t have to clean up dust every day, dust won’t be getting all over your [house/car/property], and people in the area (coworkers, family, kids) won’t be breathing hazardous silica dust. We can also cut right where we’re working, so we can finish the job a lot faster.”

“[Using the iQ360®] we get jobs done fast with better quality. It’s kind of our secret for earning business – I hope other contractors in my area don’t figure it out.” –Mike M., Masonry Contractor

Why We Know About Dust Problems

iQ Power Tools was founded by third generation masons Joel and Paul Guth. We owned and operated successful masonry companies for over 30 years, at times with over 100 employees.

Decades of experience taught us about dust problems. It makes a huge mess, it costs a great deal of money, and it’s a threat to the health and safety of our industry.
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iQ360® FAQ