Construction Power Tools With Integrated Dust Collection

iQ 360x Dustless Masonry Table Saw


iQPC912 Dust Control Power Cutter


iQTS244 Dry Cut Tile Saw


iQ1000 Construction Dust Collector


iQ2000 Heavy Duty Construction Dust Collector



Three Reasons You Should Care About Dust

A Health and Safety Hazard

Dust is more dangerous than you might think. The silica in the dust that’s flying can cause serious, permanent damage to the lungs and body. That’s a health and safety problem.

Dust Costs Time & Money

The dust—or slurry—coming off your saw is costing you time and money. Cleanup, stained product and the cost of marginally effective controls are cutting into your margins.

Regulation and Liability

The construction industry is moving toward dust-free. Increased regulation and stricter enforcement is coming, and your business can be held liable for the dust you produce.

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