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iQ360XT Masonry Saw

The Best Selling Waterless Saw in America

iQ362i Masonry Saw

World's First Waterless Tile Saw

iQTS244 Waterless Tile Saw


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iQ228 Cyclone Bundle $499

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50Lbs Dust Capacity - Using HEPA Filtration

iQ426HEPA Heavy Duty

iQ Power Tools

Designed to help your business grow by saving time, money and water.

Save time, money and water by choosing a dry saw over a wet saw. With integrated dust collecting systems, our saws remove dust and particles from your work environment, lowering your exposure to silica and helping to keep your lungs healthy on the job. All of our saws are dry saws that provide fast, precise cutting while requiring no water prep, saving you an average of 1-2 hours per workday.

At iQ Power Tools, we're not just about tools; we're about revolutionizing your workspace with unparalleled precision and efficiency. We design our iQ Tools with the professional in mind and blend cutting-edge technology with robust performance so that you can tackle any job with confidence. Every component, including our essential iQ Power Tool parts, features trusted durability and reliability to guarantee you have the power to perform at your best. Experience innovation that speaks volumes in the quality of work it enables. Choose iQ Power Tools, where excellence is our standard, and empower yourself to achieve more with tools that are as ambitious as you are.

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For over 100+ Years Construction Crews have been cutting wet create a huge mess of toxic slurry and waste. iQ Power allows you to ditch the water and messy clean ups!



Ditch the slurry and dust and get yourself an iQ saw.

John Higgins - Atlanta, GA

These products are cutting edge!

Brian F.

All products made from durable materials

iQ Power Tools takes great pride in it's craftsmanship and performance.

Integrated Dust Collection

All iQ Power Tool products feature an integrated high powered vacuum system to keep exposure to dust at a minimum

Waterless Cutting

All iQ Power Tools products use no water yet still maintain a clean cut with very little dust exposure and are OSHA Compliant

Integrated Dust Collection

Every iQ Power Tools product features an integrated dust control system with a high powered vacuum and HEPA H-14 rated combination.