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Take the saw to the cuts Inside or Out

iQ228CYCLONE – Dry Cut 7″ Tabletop Tile Saw

iQ 360XR Dust Control Table Saw

Cutting dry will change your cutting operation, making your business more profitable

  • No hoses, buckets, or tarps to set up
  • Cut right at the work area no matter the size
  • Operator stays dry, no splash-back, no mess
  • Tiles stay dry, lay cuts immediately
  • No slurry cleanup, no water disposal
iQ 360XR Dust Control Table Saw


Carry the iQ228CYCLONE onto the job site with one hand. This saw is only 36 lbs!! Fits inside small pickups and even hatchback vehicles quite well. Save room for a companion iQTS224 or any of your other tools which might take up space, because the iQ228CYCLONE is svelt.

iQ 360XR Dust Containment


This powerful motor will keep you cutting with full vacuum suction all day long – all while collecting 99.5% of the dust.

  • 15 amps/ 120 volt motor
iQ 360XR Dust Containment


One of the beautiful things about this saw is that it is going to be used to create and finish so many different projects. You’ll see DIY use cases rise up, as the iQ228CYCLONE brings Dry Cut technology to a lower price point; yet keeps the tool build quality solid.

Introducing the NEW TRU-CUT System

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Next Level Accuracy

The iQ Micro Fence allows you to dial in the exact measurement for your cut.

Lock it into the table and adjust the fence to the precise cut you need.


Portable. Powerful. Precision Cuts


Introducing the NEW iQ228CYCLONE Dry Cut 7″ Tabletop Tile Saw

Put this saw on an island or table and easily set up your cuts and place them. Perfect for kitchen backsplashes & bathroom shower tile installs. Fully Integrated Dust Collection saves time, money, and clean up time.

Set this Saw on an Island, or in a Bathroom with Ease

The All-New TRU-CUT System is an integrated measurement system that provides consistent and accurate cuts for any job.  

Occupational Safety & Health Administration


Q-Drive Blades

Reduce chipping with our Q-Drive blades with Cool Cut Technology.

Clean and accurate cuts while keeping your material dry and your blade cool.


With the Q-Arbor, the right blade can be used for the job at hand. This helps to keep the system cutting at peak precision. Make sure to pick up Q-Drive Blades to fit into your Q-Arbor on your iQ Power Tools Saw.


iQ 360XR Dust Control Table Saw

Electric Tool Power Outlet

The Electrical Tool Power Outlet enables you to plug in a power tool which will automatically start the vacuum once the tool is activated.

While some vacuums allow you to manually dial down the power being drawn to accommodate for the tool, one unique feature of the iQ426HEPA is that it will intelligently distribute power between the tool and the dust extractor, giving your tool additional power when it temporarily needs it, while still maintaining a level below the maximum power set by the Power Supply Selector.

iQ 360XR Dust Control Table Saw

Power Supply Selector

The iQ426HEPA is equipped with a Power Supply Selector allowing you to choose between 15 AMP and 20 AMP power sources depending on the environment you are working in.

The iQ426HEPA is designed so that the total amount of power being drawn (by both the iQ426HEPA and any connected Power Tool combined) should not exceed the amperage set by the Power Supply Selector.

Having the iQ426HEPA regulate the maximum power drawn will minimize tripped circuit breakers and maximize work performance.

iQ 360XR Dust Containment

On/Off Auto Switch

The ON/OFF Auto Switch allows you the flexibility of using the dust extractor independently or while operating a power tool that requires simultaneous dust collection. Selecting AUTO will immediately enable the Autostart feature, which will automatically start the vacuum whenever your power tool is in use. Once the power tool comes to a complete stop, dust collection will continue for an additional 10 seconds to collect any excess dust or debris that needs to be collected.

iQ 360XR Dust Containment

HEPA Filter Status Light

The HEPA Filter Status Light is another intelligent feature of the iQ426HEPA since it executes a real time analysis of the filter’s status based on it’s current condition. The measurement is NOT time based, and it is NOT usage based, it is a real-time measurement of the current condition of the filter. Once you eventually see this light up, you’ll know that it is definitely time to change your HEPA filter. Don’t be surprised if you don’t see this turn on for a long time, don’t worry, the light works, it’s that your filter is still good.

The iQ228CYCLONE Dry Cut 7″ Tabletop Saw is all about its figure. 

The size, dimensions, and weight – OH the weight of the iQ228CYCLONE is going to place this saw in a unique position to be an entry point for those who would like to get into some projects and need a fierce tool to give them the leverage they need to produce efficiently. 

For professionals, this tool can be an addition to saws you currently own or act as a pair with the iQTS244 or the iQMS362. 

Svelt Figure. Strong Build. Sleek Stature

The All-New TRU-CUT System is an integrated measurement system that provides consistent and accurate cuts for any job.

What’s brilliant is that the iQ228CYCLONE includes the fence and iQ Micro Fence on a Pre-measured Rolling Table in the Box. This TRU-CUT System will bring immeasurable functionality to your cuts, projects, and workflow.

TRU-CUT System includes:

  • Fence
  • iQ Micro Fence
  • Pre-measured Rolling Table

Kitchen Remodel by Our President Paul Güth

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This saw is designed for ultimate efficiency. Lightweight and easy to transport, it allows you to set up in small spaces without breaking a sweat and in a few minutes.


POWER, AMP 15 amps
BLADE SIZE 7″ Q-Drive Blade
FILTER TYPE iQ Dura Bond Cartridge
DIMENSIONS 23″W x 41″L x 34″H