Mutual Materials- Bellevue, WA

MutualMat_Image family truck_5Gen
Bill Houlahan Jr, Kendall Anderegg, Chris Houlahan, Gary Houlahan

A Family Owned Northwest Company

As a local family owned and operated company with fifth-generation family leadership, Mutual Materials was founded in 1900 by Daniel Houlahan as Builders Brick Company.  Following the Great Seattle Fire of 1890, our brick literally rebuilt Seattle and can be seen in many historic buildings today. As our company grew and expanded with new product lines and new geographic locations, the company name changed to Mutual Materials in the 1960’s.

Today, Mutual Materials is a major employer in the Pacific Northwest. Our products continue to build beauty that lasts through community hospitals, schools, stadiums, businesses, family homes, public parks and home landscaping. Mutual Materials employs over 400 people and operates manufacturing plants and retail branches throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and British Columbia.