Landscape Depot

Since 1977 Altwin Distributors have been working to develop a reputation of providing the highest quality products available anywhere. With this as their mandate, Altwin Distributors continue to research and develop new products and techniques that promote the healthy growth of plants and the botanical environments that we all enjoy. These endeavours have led to technologies that are unique in the industry, such as the development of the “rolling-drum” heat-sterilization method and the growth of one of the World’s largest self-governing* metropolitan earthworm communities (pop. 5,000,000+).

Altwin Distributors thanks you for your time and consideration of this product which was proudly created in Canada using only the finest organic ingredients.

The package that contains our products has been impact tested for durability ensuring a safe and clean ride home.

Pots & Plants is proudly Canadian and dedicated to providing our customers with planting soil that is natural and organic. Our soil contains earthworm castings which have been scientifcally proven to release nutrients slowly for the optimal growth cycle of your plants while acting as a natural fertilizer and aerator. Pots & Plants soil is formulated to inhibit weed growth with our specifc blend of horticulture grade of ingredients that have been sterilized with a steam treatment process to ensure our customer satisfaction.