iQ426HEPA Advanced 4-Stage Filtration System with HEPA H14

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Unmatched Performance and Filtration:

Elevate your workspace's cleanliness and safety with the iQ426HEPA Advanced 4-Stage Filtration System with HEPA H14 filtration. This powerhouse iQ dust extractor is at the forefront of removing dust particles to guarantee a safer, cleaner environment for professionals. Our dust collector with a HEPA filter is not just about maintaining cleanliness; it's about setting a new standard in health and efficiency in your work area. Trust in the technology that keeps your air pure and your projects pristine. Choose the iQ426HEPA for unmatched dust extraction performance that professionals rely on. Lead with innovation, breathe with confidence. Partner with iQ Power Tools today to get started!

Advanced 4-Stage Filtration System with HEPA H14: Elevating air purity standards, the iQ426HEPA now includes a HEPA H14 filter. This system boasts a primary and secondary cyclonic filtration, a Durabond filter, culminating in the HEPA H14 filter, adept at capturing ultra-fine particles and ensuring the highest level of air cleanliness.

Cyclonic Technology: Engineered with cutting-edge technology, it efficiently separates dust particles, extending filter life and maintaining consistent, powerful suction.

HEPA H14 & Durabond Filtration: Officially surpassing HEPA standards, the iQ426HEPA with HEPA H14 filtration captures airborne particles, offering superior air purification.

Design and Capacity:

  • High Efficiency: Delivers a powerful 190 CFM maximum airflow (Measured at the motor), suitable for demanding environments
  • Capacity: Features a robust 50 lbs. / 10-gallon capacity, minimizing the need for frequent emptying.
  • iQ Smart Power Management: An intelligent system that optimizes energy use for peak efficiency.
  • 7 Cyclones: Includes 7 individual cyclones for unparalleled dust separation and filtration.
  • QuickSpin Filter Cleaning: Allows for easy and quick filter maintenance, ensuring continuous operation with minimal downtime.

Convenience and Mobility:

  • Heavy-Duty Cart + Accessory Rack: Designed for easy movement on job sites, complete with a rack for nozzles and adapters.
  • 14 ft Anti-Static Locking Hose: Offers extended reach and secure operation, reducing static-related hazards.
  • Optional Bags for Easy Disposal: Facilitates hassle-free disposal of collected dust.