iQTS244 10" Dry Cut Tile Saw with Integrated Dust Containment

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Revolutionary Tile Cutting Solution for Professional Contractors

The iQTS244 redefines tile cutting with its innovative 10" dry cut system and fully integrated dust containment technology. Designed for professional contractors, it offers precision cuts on ceramic, porcelain, marble, and stone without the mess of water and harmful dust. This system not only saves time but also boosts profitability by eliminating the drawbacks of wet cutting.

Key Features:

  • Dust Containment: Fully integrated vacuum system with cyclone technology captures 99.5% of harmful dust.
  • Material Compatibility: Efficiently cuts ceramic, porcelain, marble, and stone.
  • Kit Inclusions: Comes complete with X-Stand and a 10" Combo blade for immediate use.

Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage: 120v
  • Total System Amperage: 17amps
  • Saw Motor Power: 1.5hp/12amps
  • Vac Motor Power: 0.8hp/5amps
  • Vacuum CFM: 92
  • Saw Weight: 93lbs
  • Saw Dimensions: 27"w × 34"l × 28"h
  • Stand Dimensions: 18"w × 28"l × 20"h
  • Blade Size: Q-Drive 10" Blade
  • Filter Type: iQ Dura Bond Cartridge
  • Rip Cut Capacity: 24"
  • Diagonal Cut Capacity: 18"
  • Cutting Depth: 1"
  • Dust Capacity: 11 lbs. or over 500 L.F. of cutting 3/8" thick

Why Choose the iQTS244?

  • Precision and Cleanliness: Make precise cuts without water and avoid dust pollution.
  • Professional Efficiency: Save time and increase job profitability.
  • Innovative Technology: Stay ahead with the latest in dust containment and cutting technology.

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Elevate your tile cutting with the iQTS244 10" Dry Cut Tile Saw, featuring integrated dust containment for precision cuts on ceramic, porcelain, marble, and stone without the mess.



Cut Clean, Efficient and Precise, with no water, no dust, no slurry and virtually no heat - even with hard materials


With a 10" blade, full-width table and 24" cut capacity, the iQTS244® can handle even thetrickiest and most technical tile jobs


Built on wheels with a detachable stand, the iQTS244® is easy to transport and set up in small spaces with no water source required


iQ Dura Bond Filtration

Capture Heavy  Debris, Fine Particles, & Superfine Particles

Revolutionize Your Cuts with iQ Power Tools Q-DRIVE® Blade Technology

iQ Power Tools' Q-Drive® Diamond Saw Blades are the pinnacle of cutting-edge technology. Featuring a state-of-the-art bond matrix, these blades are engineered to provide exceptional precision and longevity, making them the perfect choice for even the toughest cutting jobs. Whether you're cutting through hard materials like tile, stone, or masonry, or working in a dust-sensitive environment, iQ Power Tools' Q-Drive® Diamond Saw Blades are designed to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. With these blades at your disposal, you can take on any cutting task with confidence and ease.

This is your Experience the Ultimate Portability of iQ Power Tools' IQTS244

Weighing in at just 93 lbs, the saw's compact design and integrated handle also make it simple to move around and set up, while its foldable stand allows for easy storage and transportation. Despite its small size, the IQTS244 doesn't skimp on power or precision, delivering the same high-quality cutting performance as larger, more cumbersome saws. Whether you're a professional contractor who needs a saw that can be easily transported from one job site to another or a DIY enthusiast who wants the convenience of a portable tile saw, the IQTS244 is an excellent choice.Regenerate response