iQMS362i 16.5" Dust Control Masonry Saw

Precio de oferta$2,999.00

Product Description:
Introducing the iQMS362i, the world's first 16.5" masonry saw with integrated dust collection. Revolutionize the way you cut masonry materials with this innovative saw, designed to deliver unparalleled speed and precision in dry cutting.

Key Features:

  • Unmatched Cutting Efficiency: Cuts brick, pavers, stone, and veneer up to 40% faster than other saws in its class.
  • Innovative Q-Drive Blade: Our proprietary Q-Drive blade slices through a 60mm x 4" paver in just three seconds.
  • Extended Blade Capacity: The 16.5" blade offers a 5.5" depth and a full 24" length of cut, accommodating larger materials with ease.
  • Easy Transportation: High-flotation tires ensure smooth transport over various terrains.
  • Integrated Stand: Features a gas-shock powered lifting/lowering mechanism for enhanced stability and ease of use.
  • Standard Power Compatibility: Operates efficiently on standard 120V and 20 amps power supply.
  • OSHA Compliant: Meets safety standards, ensuring a safe working environment.
  • Effective Dust Collection: Captures up to 99.5% of hazardous silica dust, safeguarding the health of your workers.
  • Cooling Vac System: Maintains blade temperature for extended blade life.
  • Soft-Start Technology: Ensures smooth, uninterrupted operation with controlled initial power surge.

Product Benefits:

  • Easy to set up and use in any location.
  • Reduces cleanup time significantly on the job site.
  • Keeps you compliant with safety regulations.
  • Enhances the health and safety of workers by cutting dry.