World of Concrete 2016

iQ Power Tools at World of Concrete 2016

Are you going to WOC 2016? iQ Power Tools will be on-site showcasing two of our flagship dust control concrete and masonry tools.
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iQ360x® Dust Control Table Saw

An updated version of the 2010 World of Concrete Most Innovative Product award winner, this masonry table saw is capable of dry-cutting materials while capturing 99.5% of the dust. We’ll have several units on display running live demos throughout the show, with a special offer only available at World of Concrete.
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[button type=”flat” shape=”square” size=”regular” href=”/iq360x/” title=”iQ360x®” info=”tooltip” info_place=”right” info_trigger=”hover” info_content=”See it!”]The iQ360x® Dust Control Table Saw[/button] [/promo] [/column] [column type=”one-half” last=”true” class=”mtm mbn”]

PC912v™ Dust Control Power Cutter

The PC912v™ is the world’s first dry-cut dust control power cutter, a revolutionary new tool for construction professionals. Used properly it’s capable of dry-cutting concrete and masonry materials while capturing 90% dust, eliminating the problems caused by dust and wet-cutting. Come see how this tool is changing the game for construction professionals.

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Innovation Zone

Attendees will be exposed to some of the latest technology and developments that are sure to advance the masonry industry. iQ Power Tools will have tools featured in the Innovation Zone as a company who sets the standard of innovation in safety, efficiency, and performance.

Masonry Madness


Masonry madness consists of four different masonry competitions, where the best masons in the world come to compete. All of the masonry competitions take place on  Wednesday, February 3rd. Events begin at 9:00 am and conclude at 3:00pm.
Here is the line up:
9:00am- MCAA Masonry Skills Challenge
10:45am- Spec Mix Toughest Tender
11:30am- MCAA Fastest Trowel
12:00pm- Spec Mix Bricklayer 500

iQ Power Tools is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the events. iQ Power Tools innovative, dust-free saws will be featured in these events! Be sure not to miss any of the action, and come see us at Booth #N1614!

 Spec Mix Bricklayer 500Img_4490


Each year the SPECMIX BRICKLAYER 500® determines the world’s top bricklayers, with regional events throughout North America setting the field for this annual showdown.

SPEC MIX® has hosted the flagship competition in masonry for 13 years, giving hardworking masons and craftsmen a chance to showcase their skills and talent.

Can you hang with the world’s top bricklayers? See how you and your tender stack up at your SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500® REGIONAL.

 Competition Prizes from iQ Power Tools



  • iQ Power Tools: iQPC912 + 3 Blades : (1) 14” White Blade & (2) 14” Orange Blades

2ND Place Winner of the SPEC MIXBRICKLAYER 500

  • iQ Power Tools:  $200 iQ Gift pack iQ Jacket and shirt, 3 Blades (4 ½”, 7”, 14”)

3rd Place Winner of the SPEC MIXBRICKLAYER 500

  • iQ Power Tools:  $200 iQ Gift pack iQ Jacket and shirt, 3 Blades (4 ½”, 7”, 14”)


  • iQ Power Tools:  $200 iQ Gift pack iQ Jacket and shirt, 3 Blades (4 ½”, 7”, 14”)