Q-Drive Blades

Look for the "Q" for iQ Quality.


For over three decades, we’ve been in the industry with you - improving, evolving and innovating. The one thing that has stayed constant has been the quality of our work and our dedication to providing you with the best tools in the industry.

Our innovation doesn’t stop at saws. Through years of experience and testing, we have perfected our proprietary blades with the perfect ratio of high diamond to metal powder concentration. iQ Diamond Tools exceed the demands of the professional contractor. Optimized for strenuous work environments and designed with unparalleled durability, iQ Diamond Tools get the job done. Cut materials from hard ceramic tiles to highly abrasive bricks and blocks with speed, ease and precision.

When you see the "Q" seal of quality, you can be sure that it is backed by over three decades of industry experience and quality workmanship.


Cool Cut Technology

Cool Cut Technology is our proprietary composition of diamond concentration, metal type, and flange thickness that cuts cool while reducing vibration and movement. This technology, combined with the built-in vacuum on iQ saws, keep the blade cool while cutting. The vacuum system also removes the cutting debris so the blade is not regrinding the same material, reducing friction and heat.

Material Testing

iQ Power Tools is committed to quality products. Testing is paramount to meet our quality objective. We literally make tens of thousands of cuts when designing each blade. We’re continuously listening to customer feedback and researching new materials in our blade development.

Arrayed Diamond Pattern

Our proprietary 16.5” Q-Drive iQ Arrayed Diamond Blades incorporate the latest in diamond tool technology. The iQ arrayed diamonds make for faster, more consistent cutting speeds. When one row of diamonds begins to wear out, there is a 2nd row right behind it that’s ready to cut.

Beat The Heat

How does it cut dry without heat problems?

The pros know: heat is a factor. So how can you cut dry without water cooling the blade?

The answer is the Q-Drive blade with Cool Cut Technology.

Q-Drive Blade
Our proprietary composition of diamond concentration, metal type, and flange thickness cuts cool while reducing vibration and movement.

  • Engineered to cut dry
  • Blade stays cool to the touch
  • No warping or wandering
  • Precision cuts match the quality of a wet blade

Built-In Vacuum
The built-in vacuum on the iQTS244 air-cools the blade while removing debris, so the blade isn’t regrinding the same material, reducing friction and heat.



Blade choice makes a difference. At iQ, we understand finding the perfect match between the saw, the blade and the material is crucial. We offer products in each range of durability to meet the demands for the job at hand. iQ diamond blades are rigorously tested to provide a clean, precise cut every time.

We also offer adapters to our Q-Drive blades so that they can be used on other saws.



A dressing stone is solid block made from a mix of extremely hard abrasives. When cut through by a diamond blade, the abrasives expose new diamonds and sharpen the blade.

Dressing the blade is essential to maintaining the life of a diamond blade. After a large number of cuts, or when switching from different materials, dressing the blade will remove build up on the segments, and expose fresh diamonds allowing your blade to cut sharper and faster without putting pressure on the saw motor.

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