Cut dry with integrated dust collection.

Concrete. Pavers. Brick. Stone.

iQPC912VSK Dust Control Power Cutters.


Vacuum System

A powerful vacuum collects the dust.

Filter System

Dust is captured in the QuikSpin® filter.

Dust Containment

Dust is contained in the lower chamber.

The iQPC912VSK Dust Control Power Cutter

The World’s First Power Cutter With Integrated Dust Collection

  • No water – 100% dry cutting
  • Collect up to 90% of the dust
  • Eliminate dust cleanup, slurry and wet-cutting problems
  • Stop breathing hazardous silica dust

The iQPC912VSK is a game-changing tool for construction professionals. You can eliminate dust and slurry, save time and money, and run a cleaner operation. That’s smart.

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Stop the Slop

You cut wet, because you have to. Slurry gets all over the work area, the finished product and the operator. It clogs up the saw, you may have to clean out the water bucket, drainage can be an issue, storm water protection and you have to dispose of it. Cutting wet costs time, money and it’s a pain.

Welcome to a world without slurry. With the iQPC912VSK you’ll never have to cut wet again.

A Tool That Saves You Money
The iQPC912VSK can save you thousands of dollars.

  • Cleanup: Paying one guy $15/hour to clean up dust or slurry, for one hour every day, adds up to $300 a month.
  • Controls: Personal protective equipment, tarping off your cutting area and cutting wet cost money and they’re marginally effective.
  • Business: Blowing dust onto houses, cars and landscapes makes unhappy customers and can cost you future business.

Just using these cleanup figures—conservative for many contractors—the cost of dust adds up to $3,600 a year.

The iQPC912VSK eliminates:
a) dust cleanup
b) cutting wet
c) the cost of marginally effective controls

This tool makes your business more profitable.

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Built Tough

The iQPC912VSK is tough, built for professionals and designed to last. With basic care and maintenance your iQPC912VSK will last for years.

  • 93cc, 6-HP, 2-Stroke Engine (EPA 3 Certified)
  • QuickSpin Filtration
  • Dust Containment Chamber with Easy Dust Disposal
  • Balanced, Ergonomic Design
  • Made of Tough High-Impact Materials
  • 12” Premium Diamond Blade Included
  • Designed and Built in the USA

Since the first prototype the iQPC912VSK has gone through months of iterations and systematic testing, often for periods of 6-7 hours per day in 90+ degree temperatures. With proper care and maintenance, this professional tool is designed and manufactured to hold up under demanding conditions.

QuickSpin Easy Filter Cleaning

Just turn the handle to clean the filter. This knocks the dust off the filter and into the dust containment chamber.

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The iQPC912VSK Paver Skate

For horizontal cutting of concrete, pavers, asphalt, forward or backward.

  • No water – 100% dry cutting
  • Collect up to 90% of the dust
  • Retractable cutting skate for precision cuts
  • 12″ premium diamond blade included
  • Balanced ergonomic design
  • Construction duty
  • Eliminate dust cleanup, slurry and wet-cutting problems
  • Stop breathing hazardous silica dust
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