3 Questions From Smart Contractors at the PC912™ Launch

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3 Questions From Smart Contractors at the PC912™ Launch

Contractors, dealers and media saw the PC912™ Dust Control Power Cutter officially launched at HNA 2013 in Louisville, KY last week.

Members of the media got their first look during the dealer/distributor day press conference at the iQ Power Tools indoor booth. iQ VP of Product Development Paul Guth shared product capabilities and specifications before leading the party outside for several cutting demos – making note that we couldn’t cut indoors only due to the gasoline.

Overview product capabilities and specifications.
Paul Guth discusses capabilities and specifications.

Others got their chance at the iQ outdoor booth, where National Sales Manager Jerry Thoma made hundreds upon hundreds of demo cuts for captivated onlookers. The Boar Hog Diamond Tools booth was also showing off the new power cutter as one of several authorized iQ Dealers at the show, and visitors to the HNA “New Product Showcase” saw the PC912™ prominently displayed on the corner pedestal of the showcase entrance.

Attention was turned constantly toward the iQ indoor booth with the iQ360® table saw doing demos all day, drawing curiosity and often astonishment from hardscape construction pros. This heavy traffic brought interested eyes to the two PC912™ units set up on a kiosk with the “PC912™ vs. Conventional Cut-Off Saw” video playing. People were so amazed with the level of dust collection from such a compact unit they wanted to know more.

After three days of talking with hardscape professionals, contractors and dealers, the most common questions we got about the power cutter were:

Q: What’s the length, and how much does it weigh with the integrated vacuum and filter system?

A: The PC912™ is 42” long and 31lbs. Feedback from our testing team and early users has told us that these dimensions have improved the tool’s balance, stability and comfort of use.

When we designed the PC912™ to incorporate the Dust Control System (DCS) this added length to the overall unit. With the user in mind we balanced the weight and center of gravity (CG) into the handle position, allowing the operator to stand in an upright comfortable position. In this proper cutting form the weight of the tool is directed onto the blade and the cutting surface, reducing the stress on the user.

It’s a big improvement over a shorter, conventional cut-off saw that has the operator hunched over with bent knees and back. This was a point of emphasis from our testing team, who were accustomed to having a sore back after a full day of cutting.

Q. How can you spot your line with the PC912™’s downward cutting direction?

A: We recommend you snap a 1″ off-set line, marked from the edge of your blade guard, sufficient for most general cutting. However, like any craftsman with a new tool, each will discover and refine his own techniques.

This tool was designed for smart professionals who understand the value of cutting dry with no dust. We understand that capable, intelligent operators are going to figure out their preferred methods – which we’ll encourage them to share with us.

Q. How often do you have to empty the dust containment chamber, and how often do you have to replace the filter?
iQ PC912

A: The dust containment chamber can hold up to 5 lbs of dust, which works out to about 30 cuts of a common size brick or paver. The filter is rated for 100 cutting hours or 90 days, and the replacement cost is $89.

What questions do you have about the new Dust Control Power Cutter? Share below and we’ll get them answered for you.

See more about the PC912™ right here.

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