Why Do We Continue to Add to Our Blade Line Here at iQ Power Tools?

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We made 3 new hard blades at iQ to allow the operator to match the blade to the material being cut. Not all materials cut the same, so we looked to produce a better outcome for these materials by designing blades with varying segment counts and matrix compositions

A single blade can not always cut all materials. We have designed different blades to be able to cut different materials and aggregates from around the world. There are pockets in the Northwest which have incredibly hard aggregates in their materials that demanded a hard mat blade. On the other hand, there are places in the Northeast that have softer materials and have better success with a combination blade.

With so many different materials in the world, so we continue to design blades to meet the demands of our contractors. iQ Power Tools prides itself in a highly efficient, high standard tools. What makes a great saw is in part how well it’s saw blade performs. We at iQ Power Tools wanted to ensure our customers were getting the right blade for the right job, in order to reach optimal performance and a clean precise cut.

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