iQ1014S Portable 14 inch Masonry Saw with Dust Collection

Q1014S® Heavy Duty Dust Collector with 14” iQ Masonry Saw

Cut dry with integrated dust collection.

Concrete. Pavers. Brick. Stone.

iQPC912v & iQPC912sk Dust Control Power Cutters.


Q1014S® Heavy Duty Dust Collector with 14” iQ Masonry Saw

The World’s First Power Cutter With Integrated Dust Collection

  • No water – 100% dry cutting
  • Collect up to 90% of the dust
  • Eliminate dust cleanup, slurry and wet-cutting problems
  • Stop breathing hazardous silica dust

Values such as high performance, reliability, innovative technology, and environmental considerations distinguish iQ Power Tools’ products. Safe operation of this product requires the operator to read this manual carefully. Ask your dealer or iQ Power Tools should you need more information.

This innovative design combines the features of a professional masonry saw with a powerful vacuum system that cuts cleanly and efficiently with no water and no dust.

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Stop the Slop

You cut wet, because you have to. Slurry gets all over the work area, the finished product and the operator. It clogs up the saw, you may have to clean out the water bucket, drainage can be an issue, storm water protection and you have to dispose of it. Cutting wet costs time, money and it’s a pain.

Welcome to a world without slurry. With the iQPC912® you’ll never have to cut wet again.

A Tool That Saves You Money
The iQPC912® can save you thousands of dollars.

  • Cleanup: Paying one guy $15/hour to clean up dust or slurry, for one hour every day, adds up to $300 a month.
  • Controls: Personal protective equipment, tarping off your cutting area and cutting wet cost money and they’re marginally effective.
  • Business: Blowing dust onto houses, cars and landscapes makes unhappy customers and can cost you future business.

Just using these cleanup figures—conservative for many contractors—the cost of dust adds up to $3,600 a year.

The iQPC912® eliminates:
a) dust cleanup
b) cutting wet
c) the cost of marginally effective controls

This tool makes your business more profitable.

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Place Directly On Scaffolding!

Take the saw to the cuts Inside or Out

iQ1014S - Portable 14" Masonry Saw with Industrial Collection

iQ 360XR Dust Control Table Saw

Industrial Design

The heavy duty, industrial design of the iQ1014S Masonry Saw is durable and will carry you through your projects with confidence.

iQ 360XR Dust Control Table Saw


No worries, if you need to wheel this saw in through a doorway. The castor wheels and back rubber wheels allow the project mobility

iQ 360XR Dust Containment

Dust Control

The iQ1014S is built with a shroud to contain the dust collection to the location underneath the saw.

iQ 360XR Dust Containment


With a Cutting Depth of 5" (12" Length, material up to 30 lbs), the iQ1014S is able to handle large format materials and cut block without a second thought.

Portable 14” Masonry Saw with Dust Collection System


Cut clean & dry with the iQ1014S portable dust collection system. Eliminate slurry, stained fished product, freeze/thaw issues, mud hazards, and contaminated soil.

  • Designed to cut masonry, concrete, and stone products with effective dust control

  • Fits through 36” doorways

  • Place directly on scaffolding

  • Easy to transport with heavy-duty wheels & handle

iQ1014s Portable Dust Collection System

Find me a saw that cuts dry & does so with better precision. The iQ1014S is a Work Horse welcome on any mason's job site & always ready to help complete your projects quickly and with superb precision.

Occupational Safety & Health Administration


OSHA Compliant

Our systems meet all state and federal OSHA regulations and the Army Corps of engineers EM385

• Meets OSHA’s 2020 silica standard
• Tested to capture 99.5% of dust
• White paper reports available
• Compliant in all 50 States


iQ 360XR Dust Control Table Saw

Electric Tool Power Outlet

The Electrical Tool Power Outlet enables you to plug in a power tool which will automatically start the vacuum once the tool is activated. While some vacuums allow you to manually dial down the power being drawn to accommodate for the tool, one unique feature of the iQ426HEPA is that it will intelligently distribute power between the tool and the dust extractor, giving your tool additional power when it temporarily needs it, while still maintaining a level below the maximum power set by the Power Supply Selector.
iQ 360XR Dust Control Table Saw

Power Supply Selector

The iQ426HEPA is equipped with a Power Supply Selector allowing you to choose between 15 AMP and 20 AMP power sources depending on the environment you are working in. The iQ426HEPA is designed so that the total amount of power being drawn (by both the iQ426HEPA and any connected Power Tool combined) should not exceed the amperage set by the Power Supply Selector. Having the iQ426HEPA regulate the maximum power drawn will minimize tripped circuit breakers and maximize work performance.
iQ 360XR Dust Containment

On/Off Auto Switch

The ON/OFF Auto Switch allows you the flexibility of using the dust extractor independently or while operating a power tool that requires simultaneous dust collection. Selecting AUTO will immediately enable the Autostart feature, which will automatically start the vacuum whenever your power tool is in use. Once the power tool comes to a complete stop, dust collection will continue for an additional 10 seconds to collect any excess dust or debris that needs to be collected.
iQ 360XR Dust Containment

HEPA Filter Status Light

The HEPA Filter Status Light is another intelligent feature of the iQ426HEPA since it executes a real time analysis of the filter's status based on it's current condition. The measurement is NOT time based, and it is NOT usage based, it is a real-time measurement of the current condition of the filter. Once you eventually see this light up, you'll know that it is definitely time to change your HEPA filter. Don't be surprised if you don't see this turn on for a long time, don't worry, the light works, it's that your filter is still good.

Dust Containment

From the top of the blade to the dust collection bin, the iQ1014S Portable 14" Masonry Saw with Industrial Dust Collection is making sure to control the Silica particles coming off of the material.

We've taken great lengths to make sure that we are containing those dust particles and mitigating silicosis.

The iQ1014S utilizes 60 square feet of Cotton Satin filters and an Easy-Clean shake pedal to remove dust from filters to the dust tray.



iQ1014S Specifications

POWER, AMP 15amps
AIRFLOW, CFM (dm^3/s) (MAX) 1000 CFM
BLADE SIZE 14" Blade
CUTTING DEPTH 5" (12" Length, material up to 30 lbs)
SHIPPING SIZE (W x H x L), INCH/MM 44 x 30 x 21/1117 x 762 x 533
$9,390 USD