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  • The World's First Dry Cut Tile Saw

    Introducing the iQTS244 - the world’s first dry cut tile saw with integrated dust control. Cut tile with no water, no dust and virtually no heat. Perfect for ceramics, porcelain, marble and stone.

  • Integrated Dust Control

    The iQTS244 Dry Cut Tile Saw using airflow from the integrated vacuum to eliminate silica dust as the saw cuts. This keeps the harmful silica out of the lungs, and drastically minimizes the cleanup effort. No longer are you sloshing around in a slurry of wet and soggy muck.  

  • Cut Where You Work

    With iQ dry cutting tile saws, you can cut in the same area you are working.This is especially helpful when in high rise commercial builds. Image a job where you don’t have to walk up and down flights of stairs to make a single cut. Not to mention finding a place to dump the slurry water.

  • Laying Tile in Hawaii

    The rules and regulations behind silica and slurry disposal are heighten in luxury locations. Islanders are all too knowledgeable with the constraints of building and laying tile on any one of the Hawaiian Islands.

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