Dust – How much silica dust is in the air I breathe?


How much dust is in the air I breathe?


50μ SiO2 / m3

How much dust is in the air I breathe? According to the OSHA PEL, we are allowed to work in an environment that averages 50 micrograms of silica per cubic meter of air. We can use air monitoring to determine the amount of silica dust in our work environment.


Air Monitoring

Air monitoring uses a battery-operated vacuum attached to an operator’s shirt collar, collecting air samples right where the operator breathes. The results will tell us the exposure level for specific work practices. Once we know exposure level, we can calculate time.
What does this mean to you? It means that to know where you stand, you need to do air monitoring to learn what your exposure levels are. This is an inexpensive and relatively easy process for average contractors. Once you learn your exposure levels, you can decide what options are best-suited to control silica exposure on your job sites.

For more information and an inexpensive way to get this done, please contact www.galsonlabs.com. Their typical silica cartridge test is about $35 and the vacuum to run with the cartridge is free to use if you test with galson labs.