Have You Seen This Guy on Your Job Site?

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Dust on Your Job Site

Have You Seen This Guy on Your Job Site?

You’ve probably seen one of these guys on your job site. They’re all doing standard work tasks, but they have one thing in common: they’re letting the dust fly—and exposing themselves and others to silica dust.

You may have seen it a hundred times. What you might not think about is how bad that dust really is.

Silica can cause real health problems, and not just silicosis. The worst part is, it stays in your lungs. The more you inhale, the higher your risk.

These work practices you see are creating a work hazard. Do you recognize any of these guys on your job site?

dusts impact on your construction job

This guy is letting it fly. That mask won’t offer much protection, especially with the dust right in his breathing zone. And that dust cloud will dissipate eventually, but not before anyone nearby is exposed.

“We’re trying to breathe over here, man!”

Image credit: Tobiah Horton
Dust Grinding Stone

All we can say about this guy…at least he’s using hearing protection. His choice of work apparel suggests he’s a safety third type of guy, and he’s apparently content to breathe that dust he’s blowing everywhere.

“Stop exposing me, bro.”

Image credit: Bjorn Granberg

At least he’s wearing some kind of protection, but what about his buddies down below he’s showering with dust? Being broadcast from above ensures the dust is spread evenly over everything and everyone on the job site.

“Guy, I get dirty enough as it is, I don’t need it raining toxic silica on me all day.”

Image credit: David Morris


Not only was that dust flying in the air once, now it’s going back into the air a second time. This guy’s got no protection, he’s breathing that silica and reintroducing it into the environment exposing anyone nearby. And he’s probably getting more in the air than the trash can.

“How much do we pay you to spread that dust all over the job site?”

Image credit: Martin Dougiamas

So What?

You’ve probably seen these guys before. But in construction you do what it takes to get the job done, and plenty of guys are willing to just “tough it out.” The problem is, you can’t “tough out” lung damage.

What most contractors and workers don’t realize is how bad breathing silica really is. That stuff goes into your lungs and stays there. So even if you don’t get silicosis, breathing that dust can cause irreversible short and long-term damage to the lungs and body. And we don’t want that for anyone.

But you have a choice. Silica-related health problems are preventable, and you have options. Our dust control power cutters may be right for you.

Recognizing exposure is one of the first steps to protecting yourself. Take another step by learning more about silica and join us in the War on Dust.
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