War on Dust

September 2018


What compels someone to care? Perhaps it’s because something has personally affected you or someone you know. Or maybe it just happens over time; then something strikes a chord in you and opens the floodgates of a desire to bring about change.  For Joel Guth, it was both. And thus, the story of his 20-year dance with silica began. The Beginning As a third-generation mason contractor, Joel had been in and around masonry his entire life. “I remember being 10 years...

August 2014

Dust on Your Job Site

Have You Seen This Guy on Your Job Site?

You’ve probably seen one of these guys on your job site. They’re all doing standard work tasks, but they have one thing in common: they’re letting the dust fly—and exposing themselves and others to silica dust. You may have seen it a hundred times. What you might not think about is how bad that dust really is. (more…)

April 2014

Dust is Impacting Your Contracting Business

3 Ways Dust is Killing Your Business

You let the dust fly. You know it's a problem, but you don't have a choice. The fact is you run a business and you have to get the job done. We know the problem, because we were contractors. And we've spoken with thousands of other contractors. But most of them don't realize how much silica dust is costing them. Here's how dust is killing your business. (more…)

February 2014

May 2013


A Contractor’s Story

There was a successful contractor who got a job building a new high school next to an existing middle school. His team had been working on the school and making good progress for several weeks. But as the winds started changing, dust was being blown from his job site onto the middle school next door. It became so bad that one day a student told her parents that the dust was aggravating her asthma. After that the parents called the...