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March 2021

Leadership Transitions Both Domestically & Abroad

iQ  Team Updates iQ Power Tools, manufacturer of premium power tools with integrated dust collection technology, has announced major promotions within top company management. Paul Guth, most recently President of iQ, is now Chief Executive Officer. Jim Mackall, iQ’s VP of Sales has been promoted to President of the firm. In addition, the firm has appointed Feddy Souryal to General Manager/Europe. For the past two years, Paul Guth has been the President of the company, following his role as Vice President...

April 2020

Combination Saw Blade

16.5″ Q-Drive Blades and the Materials They Cut

We wanted to spend a little bit of time and talk about the different 16.5" Q-Drive blades we have for the IQMS362. The iQMS362 comes with this black blade as the standard; we call it our combo blade. This blade was designed to really to cut just what it sounds like, a combination of material. This is the blade we first developed. Cutting lots of different types of material - primarily concrete products, cinder block type products, pavers. We did...

February 2020

HEPA Dust Extractor: Filter Cleaning

Reverse Air Flow vs iQ Quickspin What are the best cleaning methods for HEPA dust extractors? With the recent launch of the iQ426HEPA, iQ's Cyclonic HEPA Dust Extractor, the entire iQ team had to do an intense deep dive into researching the existing dust extractors on the market today, their features, benefits, and downsides. We've learned quite a bit and we'd like to share some of it with you. Here is one thing that is sure to shock many people. According to...

July 2019

Silicos Dust Banner 2

iQ Partners with American Lung Association to Raise Awareness of Silica Dust Danger

For immediate release: iQ Power Tools, manufacturer of premium power tools with integrated dust collection systems, will be partnering with the American Lung Association to raise awareness of the dangers of silica dust through a new educational initiative, "Understanding Silicosis." Silicosis is a lung disease caused by breathing in tiny bits of silica, which is part sand, rock and mineral ores such as quartz. It often affects workers such as masons, stone/tile contractors, miners, glass manufacturers and more who are exposed...

June 2019

Safety and Efficiency, Can They Coexist?

We’re all looking to be more efficient in our daily tasks, but safety is just as paramount. Every business owner wants their company to run efficiently to maximize profits, while every employee wants to work in a safe environment to ensure their wellbeing. Too often, the safety aspect becomes compromised when there is a push for more efficiency. Consequently, operations often blame safety for slowing down production. The push and pull between safety and efficiency is something that many...

February 2019

IQ Power Tools Goes Global to Germany, Australia, Sweden, Netherlands, and New Zealand

iQ Power Tools Goes Global!

iQ Power Tools, manufacturer of premium power tools with integrated dust collection systems, announces plans for a global expansion starting Down Under… and, across the entire Atlantic. This global expansion starts with a strategic partnership with Tilers Online in Sydney, Australia. Tilers Online is a family-owned business and is one of the nation’s leading suppliers of tile, landscape and related construction supplies. With fully-stocked showrooms and a 24/7 website, Tilers Online offers fast delivery of all its products to Australia,...

September 2018


What compels someone to care? Perhaps it’s because something has personally affected you or someone you know. Or maybe it just happens over time; then something strikes a chord in you and opens the floodgates of a desire to bring about change.  For Joel Guth, it was both. And thus, the story of his 20-year dance with silica began. The Beginning As a third-generation mason contractor, Joel had been in and around masonry his entire life. “I remember being 10 years...

September 2017

The iQ Story

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”Anonymous Such is the case with the evolution of iQ Power Tools. iQ was built upon the premise of devising solutions for problems affecting the masonry industry and, by extension, the construction industry as a whole. The iQ story begins with Joel Guth, a third-generation mason and contractor by trade. After many years in masonry and countless projects, he became frustrated by the inefficient processes that slowed the completion of jobs. At the time, masons...

May 2017

The Connection Between The History Of Wet & Dry Diamond Blades And The Increased Exposure To Silica Dust

About 20 years ago we began to understand the silica dust problem and recognized how big the problem was for our business. It makes a huge mess, it costs a great deal of money, and is a threat to the health and safety of our industry as a whole. Through all our years of industry research, our own observation, and our own testing we’ve learned a lot about dust. One question we asked ourselves was, how did we get where we...

April 2017

iQTS244 at Coverings 17

Success at Coverings 17!

Thank you for visiting iQ Power Tools’ booth at Coverings ’17! The fact that you took the time and spent money to attend such a relevant tradeshow demonstrates that you are a professional and committed to continuing your education about the tile industry. We can see the industry as a whole is serious about education, improvement, and embracing improved work practices and technology. Advancements in manufacturing, installation methods and products, and tools used by the professional installer were evident throughout...

March 2017

IQTS244 at TISE 2017

iQ Power Tools Makes The Cut At Covering’s 17

Coverings 2017 is approaching (April 4-9, 2017 in Orlando), and iQ Power Tools is preparing for four days of exhibiting/participating in a number of exciting events found only at this world-class exposition. Coverings is the largest ceramic tile and natural stone trade exposition in the United States, featuring exhibitors from more than 40 countries. It sets the stage for introducing some of the most innovative tile and stone products in the world... including iQ Power Tools’, iQTS244, the World’s First...

December 2016

challenges contractors face in construction industry

The Top 5 Challenges For Tile Contractors

We asked top tile contractors and installers across North America about the biggest challenges they deal with on a day-to-day basis. Here are their top five responses—and how they deal with them. 1. Increasing Sales and Revenue “First importance is first getting the job. It is obvious, but in these economic times, finding well paying work can be difficult.” 2. Creating Accurate Take-Offs, Estimates and BudgetsAs one contractor told us, “being able to properly estimate a job ties a lot...

May 2016

iQ Power Tools at Coverings 2016

Anticipation was high in the iQ Booth and on the tradeshow floor as we all prepared for The Coverings Show 2016 Chicago. At iQ, knowing we were going to unveil the newest member of the iQ Family, the iQTS244, this made attending the show all the more exciting. 9am Day 1 came up fast. We had our booth up and we were ready to experience Coverings firsthand. We were not disappointed. There were so many people to meet, beautiful tile...

November 2015

iQ Power Tools at HNA 2015

It was another great year at the 2015 HNA Trade Show and GIE+Expo. We were proud to be a platinum sponsor again, and have an opportunity to donate our tools at various places throughout the show. When we arrived, we quickly set up (1) iQ2000, (1) iQ1000, (2) iQ360x and (2) iQ912v to help everyone get their booths set up and ready for the show. Over 1000 cuts were made with our dry-cut masonry saws. Prior to our arrival, you...

January 2015

Mitigate Winter Problems With iQ Power Tools

Construction and Winter For most people with indoor jobs, winter is merely an inconvenience on the drive to work and back, but in the construction industry, winter is a major factor in running your business. It must be factored into project timelines, materials, operations, personnel efficiency and more, and if things go really bad winter can completely derail your operation. When Cutting Outside or Cutting Wet You must deal with the elements, and in more extreme weather you might not be able...

August 2014

Dust on Your Job Site

Have You Seen This Guy on Your Job Site?

You’ve probably seen one of these guys on your job site. They’re all doing standard work tasks, but they have one thing in common: they’re letting the dust fly—and exposing themselves and others to silica dust. You may have seen it a hundred times. What you might not think about is how bad that dust really is. (more…)

July 2014

5 Ways to Make More Money on Your Next Construction Job

There are two ways to increase profit: increase revenue or reduce costs. For contractors, making more money often means working harder and longer. But if you’re already putting in long hours, working more probably sounds like a stressful option. That leaves you with cutting costs. Don’t worry — we're not talking about cutting corners or paying your guys less. It’s about running a better business that leaves you with more money in your pocket at the end of the day. Here are...

June 2014

iQ Power Tools Silica Part 4 Time

Silica Part IV: Time

UPDATED FOR THE NEW OSHA PEL 2017 What We've Learned In part I of this series on silica dust and the OSHA PEL, we described what a permissible exposure limit (PEL) is and the three factors that make up the OSHA PEL: air, dust and time. We also learned that exposure is calculated in terms of micrograms per cubic meter (μg/m3), and we interpreted the current OSHA PEL as 50μg/m3. In part II we set out to learn how much air a...

May 2014

iQ to Host Silica Training Webinar with MCAA

Have you heard enough about silica over the past year? With the new proposed OSHA rule, confusing standards, studies and opinions it's easy to get lost in all the information. As a contractor, what do you really need to know about silica? iQ Power Tools President and silica expert Joel Guth will be hosting a silica training webinar with the MCAA on Monday, June 16 at 11:00 AM Eastern, 8:00 AM Pacific. His focus is on contractors, and what you really...

April 2014

Dust is Impacting Your Contracting Business

3 Ways Dust is Killing Your Business

You let the dust fly. You know it's a problem, but you don't have a choice. The fact is you run a business and you have to get the job done. We know the problem, because we were contractors. And we've spoken with thousands of other contractors. But most of them don't realize how much silica dust is costing them. Here's how dust is killing your business. (more…)

60mm paver

Silica Part III: How Much Dust is Too Much?

UPDATED FOR THE NEW OSHA PEL 2017 In our introduction to this series on understanding the OSHA PEL, we described what a PEL is and outlined the three factors which determine the PEL: Air, Dust and Time. Here in part III we're going to explain the second factor: Dust. There are a few questions we need to answer about dust: How much dust is produced from cutting materials? How much silica is in that dust? How much dust is too much? ...

March 2014

iQPC912™ Most Innovative Product at World of Concrete

Overview product capabilities and specifications. Moreno Valley, California March 26, 2014 The iQ Power Tools iQPC912™ was selected as a World of Concrete Most Innovative Product (MIP) award winner. Chosen as editor’s choice in the masonry materials and equipment category, the iQ Dust Control Power Cutter was recognized for its integrated vacuum system, filter system and dust containment. (more…)

February 2014

January 2014

December 2013

“We Sold All Our Wet Saws”

Martz Masonry Crews finish their work in 2/3 of the time using the iQ360® Dust Control Table Saw, according to owner Steve Martz (estimated), while improving the finish quality of their work. The San Marcos, Ca. masonry contractor has been in business since 1995 doing driveways, hardscapes, exteriors, facades, fireplaces, barbecues, walls and terraces. "We pride ourselves on the quality and timeliness of our work," and iQ Power Tools have helped them establish that reputation.  (more…)

How to Sell Yourself

Earning contracts is the lifeblood of your business. You've got tools, equipment, workers, expertise and experience, but none of those matter if you don't have new work. At the same time there's a lot of competition out there, and with any number of contractors bidding on jobs, no one is going to make it easy to secure contracts. On top of that, a lot of resources go into bidding on projects. Have you ever put time and energy into bidding...

ICPI at Hardscape North America 2013

If you are a hardscape contractor and not part of the ICPI, consider joining. ICPI is the world leader in development and dissemination of technical information for design professionals and contractors. Their leadership position is due to years of commitment and energy from more than 1,100 members. ICPI engages in a broad range of technical, marketing, educational, government relations and communications activities. If you are looking to advance your business and be on top of the game become a member....

November 2013

5 Questions Successful Contractors Ask Themselves

Asking the Right Questions Running a business is tough. Whether you're the owner, GM or superintendent, you need to get the job done and you need to make money to run a successful operation. Unfortunately a lot of business owners don't have a firm grasp on the key indicators of success. With a lot happening day-to-day it can be easy to lose track of things and you end up wondering where all the money went. It looked like a great deal...

Milwaukee Mason Wins “War on Dust” Sweepstakes

Grand Prize iQ360® Dust Control Masonry Saw A Milwaukee Mason Matt Filter is the excited owner of a brand new iQ360® dust control masonry saw. The lucky Milwaukee, WS mason was selected as the winner of the "iQ360® War on Dust Sweepstakes," earning him the grand prize valued at $1950. Matt has been in the masonry industry for eight years, but he's been around the business much longer. His father was a union bricklayer for 25 years, and used to take Matt...

3 Questions From Smart Contractors at the PC912™ Launch

Contractors, dealers and media saw the PC912™ Dust Control Power Cutter officially launched at HNA 2013 in Louisville, KY last week. Members of the media got their first look during the dealer/distributor day press conference at the iQ Power Tools indoor booth. iQ VP of Product Development Paul Guth shared product capabilities and specifications before leading the party outside for several cutting demos – making note that we couldn't cut indoors only due to the gasoline. Paul Guth discusses capabilities and...

September 2013

iQ Power Tools iQ360

Best Practices Selling Dust Control Power Tools

Tips From Successful Dealers At iQ Power Tools, Dealers are the most important part of our business. We know that their success is our success, and we're here as a resource in this partnership. That's why we set out to learn what successful iQ Dealers are doing, so that we can share their best practices within our dealer network. Successful Dealers We met up with iQ Power Tools National Sales Director Jerry Thoma to ask who are some of the most successful iQ...

August 2013

iQ Power Tools Increase Productivity at Angelus Block

iQ Power Tools Increase Productivity at Angelus Block

Smart Power Tools Save Time and Money Angelus Block has increased their productivity by 20%-25% by switching to iQ Power Tools. And there's no more slurry. Founded in 1946, Angelus Block is California’s leading producer of concrete masonry units, interlocking concrete pavers, permeable pavers, decorative site wall units, and segmental planter wall units. Eight plant locations supply product for every market sector - military, retail centers, housing, education, transportation, and outlets for the homeowner/DIY market. Each plant utilizes the iQ2000® Heavy Duty...

iQ Introducing Dust Control Power Cutter at HNA

The iQ Power Tools PC912™ Moreno Valley, CA – iQ Power Tools will introduce the world's first Dust Control Power Cutter at HNA 2013, the largest hardscape trade show in North America. The PC912™ is a revolutionary new tool for construction professionals. Used properly it’s capable of dry-cutting concrete and masonry products with virtually no dust, eliminating the problems caused by dust and wet-cutting. The new Power Cutter is also expected to garner attention from health and safety officials; the innovative tool meets OSHA...

War on Dust iQ360® Sweepstakes

iQ Fans! We are giving away a free iQ360®! Built for contractors, by contractors, the iQ360® is the world's first 14-inch masonry saw with fully-integrated dust collection, tested to capture 99.5% of the dust from dry-cutting. So you know: to register for the giveaway this application needs to access your Facebook account. This is simply to establish your general location for the giveaway. The application won't post to your page, access your friends list or share any of your information. Same...

MCAA and iQ Power Tools Announce Strategic Partnership

MCAA & iQ Power Tools iQ Power Tools is proud to announce our new strategic partnership with the Masonry Contractors Association of America, the national trade association representing mason contractors. From its inception in 1950 the MCAA has been committed to preserving and promoting the masonry industry through many channels, which today include education, advocacy, safety, recruitment and marketing. iQ Power Tools is thrilled to partner with a longtime leading supporter of the masonry industry. Joel Guth, President of iQ, commented on the new...

July 2013

Hardscape Channel Interview

Hardscape Channel sits down with Joel Guth 2012 marked the first year that we were involved in the Hardscape North America trade show. Here is an interview by Steve Jones from the Hardscape Channel and our CEO Joel Guth discussing the show, our tools and the industry. We will be a gold sponsor this year at HNA which is taking place at the Exposition Center in Kentucky. We will have a lot of exciting things happening leading up to the event...

May 2013

Power Cutter Demo at the 2013 World of Concrete

iQ Power Tools had a chance to demo the new PC912 Power Cutter in front of an audience during the SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500® at the 2013 World of Concrete. Did the PC912 impress? Take it from the interviewer: "UNBELIEVABLE!" The PC912 will be available to the public through our network of iQ Dealers and direct online on September 1, 2013.


A Contractor’s Story

There was a successful contractor who got a job building a new high school next to an existing middle school. His team had been working on the school and making good progress for several weeks. But as the winds started changing, dust was being blown from his job site onto the middle school next door. It became so bad that one day a student told her parents that the dust was aggravating her asthma. After that the parents called the...