Best Practices Selling Dust Control Power Tools

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Best Practices Selling Dust Control Power Tools

Tips From Successful Dealers

At iQ Power Tools, Dealers are the most important part of our business. We know that their success is our success, and we’re here as a resource in this partnership. That’s why we set out to learn what successful iQ Dealers are doing, so that we can share their best practices within our dealer network.

Successful Dealers

We met up with iQ Power Tools National Sales Director Jerry Thoma to ask who are some of the most successful iQ Dealers and what they’re doing. He told us there are a lot of good dealers out there, but some doing the best job right now are:

  • Esch Construction Supply: a family business in St. Paul, MN, specializing in diamonds, cutting equipment, parts and repair.
  • Brock White Company: a construction materials distributor serving the upper Midwest United States and Western Canada.
  • Boar Hog Diamond Tools: an independent diamond tools store in Miamitown, OH serving concrete & mason contractors.
  • Willamette Graystone: a concrete materials manufacturer with locations throughout Oregon.
  • Marvel Masonry/Border Construction Specialties: an Arizona-based supplier of masonry and building materials.

“When we say successful dealers, we mean selling at least one-two units per location each month. These dealers are doing that, and in some cases more,” said Jerry.

“The Saw Sells Itself” 

So, we asked, what are these guys doing?

“There are three things,” Jerry said: “demos, demos, demos. These dust control power tools speak for themselves, and the best way to sell them is to show what they can do.” Jerry works with iQ dealers across the country sharing and practicing sales techniques and demo strategies.

More demos have led to more sales, especially in the case of these iQ Dealers who are doing job site demos. They drop off an iQ demo unit for a day or two on a job site, giving the crew a chance to test it out.

Mark Schmidt and his team at Willamette Graystone in Eugene, OR have had success with this approach.

“Most of our success has been from pounding the pavement – leave the saw on a job site for a day and tell them I’ll call in the morning. When I call I hear, ‘I’ll take the whole thing, bill me for it.’ ”

Mark explained that seeing the tool cut in the store is great, but using it on their own job gives contractors a more personal feel for it.

“If you get the saw out to a job site, they see the functionality, and they get to really use it…the saw sells itself. Once you get it in the hands of the contractor, they love it,” he said.

Job site demos have also been paying off for Joe Hernandez and his sales team at Marvel/Border in Mesa, AZ.

“Outside sales guys, we have a demo unit we loan out. [We] take it out to some of our bigger accounts, let them use it for a few days and test it out,” said Hernandez.

A typical response from the contractor? “We’ll keep it, send us the bill,” Hernandez told us.

In the Store

iQ Display Kiosk

Back in the store, your iQ kiosk can create more demo opportunities. Furnished to authorized dealers at qualified locations, this impressive unit displays an iQ360® system and three 14″ diamond blades, with a 24″ flat screen monitor playing iQ promo videos. Some dealers even keep a few bricks and pavers sitting next to the demo unit, cut pieces and all, prompting customers to ask for a demo.

“Any time a customer walks in and sees the kiosk or the demo unit, we ask them, ‘have you ever seen this tool?’ Or, ‘can I give you a dust free cutting demo?’ Usually that creates enough interest to do a demo,” said Hernandez.

Jerry often works with Dealers to get their kiosk and demo unit set up. “Most customers are surprised just to see you cutting indoors, and the first thing they want to know is where the dust is going,” said Jerry. “Once we do a demo up-close and they see it’s captured and contained, they’re right on board.”

However you do them, the number one best practice for selling dust control power tools is doing demos. Find ways to do more demos, and you’ll be re-ordering iQ Power Tools often.

Do you have any best practices to offer? Share them in the comments.

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