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October 2020

iQMS362 Support Arm Vertical Alignment

iQMS362 Support Arm Vertical Alignment

iQ Power Tools Has Created This PDF Walk Through to Fix the Alignment of your iQMS362 Masonry Saw. The shim kit will consist of 2 longer shims for the base of the support arm and a triangle shim for the pivot mount. Pictures shown to help with maintenance and alignment.

September 2020

What is Blade Tension and What Happens When We Lose it?

What is Blade Tension and What Happens When We Lose it? Blade tension relates to how rigid and straight the saw blade is. This made possible by the inclusion of tension rings during the manufacturing process that help ensure the blade keeps its proper form. Tension can be lost when blades are glazed and not corrected. When cutting continues on a glazed blade, the material rubs against the the metal matrix instead of the diamonds and produces excess heat. The...

Why Do We Continue to Add to Our Blade Line Here at iQ Power Tools?

We made 3 new hard blades at iQ to allow the operator to match the blade to the material being cut. Not all materials cut the same, so we looked to produce a better outcome for these materials by designing blades with varying segment counts and matrix compositionsA single blade can not always cut all materials. We have designed different blades to be able to cut different materials and aggregates from around the world. There are pockets in the...

How & Why Are the 10″ Combo Blades Different than the 10″ Hard Material Blades?

How & Why Are the 10" Combo Blades Different than the 10" Hard Material Blades? The Combo and Hard Material Blades are designed with different matrix compositions to allow for better performance in different materials. The 10" combo blade has a different diamond matrix than the 10" hard material blade. The harder the material, the softer the looser the metal command. You have two options with the 10" iQTS244 Dry Cut Tile Saw. The orange 10" combination blade will come with a...

August 2020

Hands Clapping Dust into the Air
Hand with Dust Flying into the Air

Why Silica Dust is So Harmful and How You Can Keep Your Site Safe

Silica Talk - A doctor, an association president, and a contractor turned manufacturer sit and talk all things silica. Learn about the hazard, and why silica dust is so harmful. Plus understand the standard and the exposure you have everyday on the job site. See what are your options are as a contractor, and what can you do to keep yourself and your crew, compliant and safe. Know the hazard. Know the standard. Know your exposure. Know your options.

iq426HEPA Dust Extractor
Cyclonic Dust Extractor - iQ426HEPA

How to Empty & Clean the iQ426 HEPA Dust Extractor

When you are looking at cleaning up the area of your industrial or commercial project, you can't go wrong with the iQ426HEPA Dust Extractor from iQ Power Tools. This vacuum is powerful and does not mess around. You'll find the device very capable of picking up the dust, particles and debris commonly found on construction, tile, and masonry worksites.

iQ426HEPA Dust Extractor and Accessories

Quick demo of the iQ426HEPA dust extractor and its accessories. The iQ426HEPA comes with an adaptor, 2 extension poles, a narrow nozzle, medium nozzle and brush nozzle. All accessories are kept neatly in the accessory rack that comes in the box with the iQ426HEPA.

Dressing your Masonry Blade

Learn how to dress your masonry blades and why it is important to do so. Keep your blades at their sharpest with this technique and the new iQ Masonry Dressing Stone for a diamond blade.