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Dressing your Masonry Blade

Learn how to dress your masonry blades and why it is important to do so. Keep your blades at their...
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What is Q-Drive? The history behind it

The Q-Drive is the special arbor shape on iQ Power Tools saws. This arbor was designed to promote the use of proper blades on the machine to create maximum efficient and quality of cut.
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How & Why Are the 10″ Combo Blades Different than the 10″ Hard Material Blades?

How & Why Are the 10" Combo Blades Different than the 10" Hard Material Blades? The Combo and Hard Material Blades are designed with different matrix compositions to allow for better performance in different materials. The 10" combo blade has a different diamond matrix than the 10" hard material blade. The harder the material, the softer the looser the metal command. You have two options with the 10" iQTS244 Dry Cut Tile Saw. The orange 10" combination blade will come with a new saw purchase.
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