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Paul Güth, President | Inventor
President | Inventor

Paul Güth

Randy Bradley, Developer
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Jim Mackall 

Skill We are an organization created by masons who are building tools for professionals in industries which require internal dust collection with saws and dust extractor technologies. 

Passion We are passionate about creating great quality tools for those who like great quality tools. We are interested in mitigating the amount of silica on the job site and reducing the cases of Silicosis. 

Process We are a tight team which works in cohesion. Since we are nimble we can make decisions which can go to market fairly quickly compared to larger more corporate competitors. 

Results iQ Power Tools has been gaining support in hardscape, tile, tile and paver contractors. Our dealers are international and can help support contractors with iQ Power Tools Replacement Parts and iQ Diamond Blades with Q-Arbor. 

30+ Year Masonry Contractors

iQ Power Tools was founded by third generation masons Joel and Paul Guth. We owned and operated successful masonry companies for over 30 years, at times with over 100 employees.

Decades of experience taught us about dust problems. It makes a huge mess, it costs a great deal of money, and it’s a threat to the health and safety of our industry.

Experts on Dust

We started out building tools to solve our own dust problems, but we realized these problems were affecting all contractors, so we started iQ Power Tools.

Today we build smart, tough power tools that eliminate the dust problem. Using iQ contractors can clean-cut materials with virtually no dust.

iQ Builds Smart, Tough Power Tools

We’ve been studying silica dust for over 15 years.

  • We've represented the California Masonry Contractors along with Julie Trost of MCAC and Bruce Wick of CAL-PASC to help shape and rewrite the wet and dry cutting Silica Standard with Cal-OSHA.
  • We’ve conducted air monitoring studies testing silica exposure levels for different work practices
  • We’ve studied the OSHA regulations on silica dust for over a decade.
  • We presented at the OSHA public hearings in Washington, D.C. in April 2014

We know dust.

But you don’t need to be an expert on dust to know this: we in the construction industry must work to get dust out of the lungs of our people.

Our goals are 100% dust free concrete and masonry cutting, safer job sites, healthier work practices and a more sustainable construction industry.

Solving the Dust Problem

We build clean-cut concrete and masonry power tools that eliminate dust. And eliminating dust from your job site is smart: it saves time. It saves money. It saves lives.

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