A Contractor’s Story

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A Contractor’s Story

There was a successful contractor who got a job building a new high school next to an existing middle school.

His team had been working on the school and making good progress for several weeks. But as the winds started changing, dust was being blown from his job site onto the middle school next door. It became so bad that one day a student told her parents that the dust was aggravating her asthma. After that the parents called the teachers. Then the teachers talked to the administrators, and the administrators talked to the school board.

Within a couple of days the school administration went to this contractor and told him that the dust had to stop.

He had a few options. He could start cutting wet or start cutting off-site, but both would cost time and money. He had to find another solution or fail to meet his project timeline.

So he and his team started searching for tools that were designed to manage the dust problem. After weeks of searching in stores, manufacturing facilities, dealerships and on the internet, he couldn’t find any tools that could solve his problem.

So he and his brother decided to build a tool that would eliminate the dust problem. They built the first model and started using it on their job site. Then they improved on the design and built a second model, and a third and a fourth and on until they had perfected a virtually dust-free tool.

Then they became iQ Power Tools. And started building the best dust-technology power tools in the world.

Now those tools are available to the rest of the construction world. Built for contractors, by contractors.

iQ Power Tools. Built With You in Mind.

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