3 Ways Dust is Killing Your Business

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Dust is Impacting Your Contracting Business

3 Ways Dust is Killing Your Business

You let the dust fly. You know it’s a problem, but you don’t have a choice. The fact is you run a business and you have to get the job done. We know the problem, because we were contractors. And we’ve spoken with thousands of other contractors. But most of them don’t realize how much silica dust is costing them.

Here’s how dust is killing your business.

Dust Makes a Huge Mess

It’s no secret. You know how much dust comes off a dry saw. That dust gets everywhere: all over the job site, vehicles, people and property. The alternative is cutting wet, which can make a bigger mess.

All that mess isn’t just inconvenient. If you have to pay one guy to clean up dust every day, for one hour, at $15/hour, that adds up to $300 a month.

Sometimes it’s worse. Have you ever had to power wash a house or a patio? Pay for a homeowner’s or neighbor’s car wash? Clean windows? Most of us have experienced at least one of these – and the cost it adds to your job.

Dust Eats Up Time and Profits

Dust can force you to cut away from your work area. If your guy has to walk outside or across the job site for every cut, doing 150+ cuts a day while hauling materials, he’s going to spend an hour or more just walking back and forth. That wasted time costs another $300+ a month.

Using those figures for cleanup and wasted time – which are conservative for many contractors – that adds up to $600 a month or $7,200 a year. Eating straight into your profits.

It’s a Hazard to Your People

Silica is awful for you and your people. It can reduce lung capacity, increase the strain on your heart, cause silicosis, lung cancer and all sorts of nasty stuff.

When it’s hot it builds a coat of sweat and dust on your skin so thick you can scrape it off. You go home at night blowing sludge out of your nose, rubbing it out of your eyes, smelling and tasting dust.

You depend on your people. Dust is a harmful, uncomfortable nuisance to them, reducing their capacity, endurance and motivation. And underperforming workers hurt your business.

If There Were No Dust

Most contractors know these problems, but might not realize how much dust is really costing their business.

But if you could cut with no dust, you’d be able to:

  • Save time
  • Increase profit
  • Protect worker’s safety
  • Stop the mess

The iQPC912 Dust Control Power CutterThat’s what iQ Power Tools can do for your business. iQ builds concrete and masonry tools with fully integrated dust collection. Like the iQ360® 14″ Dust Control Table Saw and the iQPC912™ Dust Control Power Cutter.

iQ Power Tools Dust Control Power Cutter


With integrated vacuum system, filter system and dust containment, these tools eliminate dust problems.

Imagine cutting right at your work area. No more walking back and forth. No more cleaning up dust. More comfortable, more productive workers in a safer work environment.

If you’re cutting concrete and masonry, dust is killing your business. Fight back with iQ Power Tools.

No Dust. No Water. No Problems.

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